Wee Vegan Lunch 03

steamed broccoli, Earth Balance mac & cheese, Gardein beefless slider

making fresh squeezed OJ for snack time

dolmas, lightly buttered noodles & chickpeas, cut banana

Hello! I know... long time. It's been a transitional few months. I promise to get into all the details soon! For now, here is a quick Wee Vegan Lunch with some healthy(ish) lunch ideas for your little ones.



Update on the Kind Home

kind mom blog

Hello, all! Long time... Have you ever felt like you have a million things floating around you? Like you're running around in circles trying to ground all the elements of your life? That's how I've been feeling lately. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to complain. There are a lot of fun and exciting things happening right now but, there are also a lot of stressful things happening right now. September is the busiest month of the year for us. We have the largest cycling trade show in Vegas to attend, the bike light season is upon us, Natural Foods Expo East is in a few weeks (yay, samples!), Oliver's birthday is this month and we are having a party, and to top it off, we are moving at the end of the month. Arg. There's also a few exciting things in the works that may or may not play out, but we are hopeful. I'm trying to remember to breath and enjoy everything to come. My workload is full, with planning the Holiday print ads for Lupine, designing a new website for Lupine (will launch early 2015), collecting inventory for Kindred Design... I kinda feel dizzy thinking of all the things I could list here. I've been writing blog ideas down in a journal I carry with me, soon enough I will be able to create more content for this space.


I Can Vegan That | Classic Chocolate Chip Cheesecake


vegan cheesecake
This month on The Vegan Housewives, I feature my famous cheesecake! This recipe is simple and absolutely delicious. Everyone in the family loves it and my friends make me save them a piece whenever I make it. I bring this dessert to family Holiday parties and pretty much anywhere I need to bring a dessert to a "non-vegan" event. 
cheesecake recipes
vegan chocolate chip cheesecake


Series to Watch this Summer

I'm not going to tell you I don't watch TV, or that I gutted my TV and now grow organic heirloom tomatoes in it. I like TV. I like to chill out at night with a beer or glass of wine and watch anything from comedies to horror.

Now that all of our favorite series are wrapping up with their finales, it's a great time to seek out some new series that rock. I've listed 3 fun and entertaining TV series that are perfect for lazy summer nights.

1. Pushing Daisies A quirky and fun show about a pie maker, Ted, who can bring dead things back to life, but there are rules. The rules are: Touch a dead thing once, it comes to life; Touch it a second time, it's dead again forever; Leave a dead thing alive for more than a minute, something else dies in it's place. Ted uses this "power" to help a private detective solve murders. There is love (with an "alive again" woman who he can't touch), crazy aunts who use to be famous synchronized swimmers and a bunch of fun mysteries to solve.

2. Bored to Death A sharp humored show about a writer that moonlights as a private detective. StarrinJason SchwartzmanZach Galifianakis, and Ted Danson... need I say more? 

3. United States of Tara Toni Collette is AMAZING in this drama. Tara is a suburban home maker trying to balance her dysfunctional family and the multiple personalities in her head. Seriously, it's a fantastic show. 

Do you have any Summer time series suggestions? 


Pear Custard Bars


Check out this months Kind Mom feature on Vegan Housewives! I made some super yummy Pear custard bars, one of my favorite indulgent treats! It's like a nutty, fruity cheesecake. Yum. This dessert is easy to make and perfect for summer BBQs! This batch lasted a day in our house and now my eldest son is begging me to make more...