Series to Watch this Summer

I'm not going to tell you I don't watch TV, or that I gutted my TV and now grow organic heirloom tomatoes in it. I like TV. I like to chill out at night with a beer or glass of wine and watch anything from comedies to horror.

Now that all of our favorite series are wrapping up with their finales, it's a great time to seek out some new series that rock. I've listed 3 fun and entertaining TV series that are perfect for lazy summer nights.

1. Pushing Daisies A quirky and fun show about a pie maker, Ted, who can bring dead things back to life, but there are rules. The rules are: Touch a dead thing once, it comes to life; Touch it a second time, it's dead again forever; Leave a dead thing alive for more than a minute, something else dies in it's place. Ted uses this "power" to help a private detective solve murders. There is love (with an "alive again" woman who he can't touch), crazy aunts who use to be famous synchronized swimmers and a bunch of fun mysteries to solve.

2. Bored to Death A sharp humored show about a writer that moonlights as a private detective. StarrinJason SchwartzmanZach Galifianakis, and Ted Danson... need I say more? 

3. United States of Tara Toni Collette is AMAZING in this drama. Tara is a suburban home maker trying to balance her dysfunctional family and the multiple personalities in her head. Seriously, it's a fantastic show. 

Do you have any Summer time series suggestions? 


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    1. That's awesome! My all time favorite series is The Twilight Zone! Always has been, always will be. :) These three are the ones I recommend the most! They are so much fun to watch!